with Jamie Vandyke
Traveling alongside a desolate flat stretch of Cali/Nevada highway. Lone car road going and clipping along at a healthy pace of 82mph. Noticing the fat red torchlight of Sun starting to round that curve of earth in front of her, she smiles. Her little highway world just keeps getting bigger and heading sorta northeast on that road. She doesn’t notice how desperate the desert, and this old road, are for company. She pops a tape in the deck, an obscure tune hobbles into the air, and she’s struck to a hum. The distant mountains seem to run away in all directions, they shrink from the glow of dusk on this old, flat, dry lake bed. The tunes play on. She looks to the distant moutains and coos to her faithful compadres.
Darkness sets in, no wait, it slams in suddenly on this scene... like it had been there the whole time only it was shrouded in day. A yellow double line blurring into the darkness is all she has to tell her that she’s on the right track. Little by little though, her eyelids are like garage doors that want to protect what’s behind them, they squint shut. Her final efforts to keep eyes open prove futile as she spreads her wings flaps headlong into a much-needed session of dreamtime.
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